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Directions in Weymouth – Portland

An aerial image of the Weymouth sailing areaWeymouth is the charter base for the Port Tack Option coach boats. Weymouth is the hub of the 2012 sailing circuit as it will be the sailing site for the Olympic Games. The Olympic games, technically in Portland harbor, are the pinnacle for sailing. Port Tack Option will be working with sailing teams and coaches as they prepare for the London Games.

Weymouth is also the home of one of the sailing World Cup events, Sail For Gold. Each year, Sail for Gold will host the best sailors and coaches in the world. It is the final stop on the World Cup Circuit and many of the overall titles will likely be decided at this event. It is of greater importance than the other World Cup events as it is important for the Olympians to feel comfortable and confident in the waters as they prepare to race for their dreams.

Weymouth and Portland Harbor is a center of sailing in the United Kingdom. The RYA youth squads and senior squad train 12 months of the year from the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy. Each year many UK titles, both Olympic and dinghy, will be decided in these waters. For parents, coaches, and fans, Port Tack Option can supply a safe and efficient way to get on the water in support of these sailors.

Training in Weymouth will be a dominant theme for the Olympic sailors and coaches. There is a fantastic bicycle path through the heart of Weymouth on the old train tracks that links to Portland so that it is possible to safely ride to the sailing site from almost anywhere in town.

Weymouth is well resourced to meet the demands of all those who sail or coach:


Shock Boat repair, custom carbon pieces, many other dinghy sailing products

Brussels Chandler Boat parts, motor repairs (outboards)

Barford Sails, Sailmaker

Windtek Watersports, Mostly windsurfing gear but some useful sailing gear too.


B & B s

Boats will be delivered to the Sailing Academy for use on ordered days. Alternate arrangements can be made by contacting Port Tack Charter.