Testing of Theater Style Racing in 2011

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After 2 successful tests of Theater Style Racing in 2010, the 49ers will continue to test out progressive racing formats in 2011.  Theater Style racing generically refers to short course racing constrained by swim lanes that restrict the width of the race course.  Teams are forced into tighter battles and increase boathandling.  As well, camera crews and spectators can freely watch the racing from right near the action.

Within the confines of the ‘Theater’ there are many race formats and points systems that can be used.  We will continue to use these Tests as an opportunity to try different formats and see what makes for the most exciting action.

The tests planned for 2011 are:

  • March 31st, 2011 – Palma, ahead of the Princess Sophia Trophy Regatta
  • April 20th, 2011 – Hyeres, ahead of the Semaine Olympique Frainciase
  • Test 3, possibly ahead of the Holland Regatta or Sail for Gold – depending on sailor interest
  • Grand Finale – ahead of the open Europeans in Finland.  While nothing is written in stone yet, this event is likely to be filmed by a professional crew and will air on Finish terrestrial TV during the Open Europeans.

First and Second place at the Palma and Hyeres Tests will automatically qualify for the Finland event so make sure to have your best races!  Note, only 1 team per country besides Finland can qualify for the event to add to the broadcast quality.  If multiple teams from the same country win spots we’ll work with you guys on a fair solution.

Questions or comments, please place write them below.  Details of the format for Palma to follow shortly.

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