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 Coach BoatsPerfect Coach Boat

At Port Tack Charter we have 2 sizes of coach boat.  Our travelling fleet are 5.5 meter long rigid inflatable boats (RIB).

These coach boats types have long been the standard for coaching dinghy sailors of all types. These RIBs are designed specifically with coaches and sailors in mind.

We have also added a bigger boat to our fleet, a 5.9m Lingbo with a 60 hp Honda engine on the back.  These should be useful for keelboat sailors and those supporting big fleets.

They have a very skinny bow to help cut through waves when supporting sailors going upwind. The boats get fairly wide at the stern to increase planning surface area to keep up with boats at high speed.

It is vital for a coach boat to have Hypolon tubes so that dinghies can come alongside the RIBs and be protected from picking up any damage. The length of 5.5 meters is the perfect length for support Olympic class boats and sailors. There is enough space for supplies to be stored and kept near the sailing area. The boats are also not too big so that they are nimble to maneuver and easy on the coaches physically. The boats have large internal storage tanks to secure everything needed for a day on the water.New fleet addition – 5.9m RIB with 60 hp Engine! New for the 2011 season, we will be able to hire these bigger boats.  For Star sailors, Dragon sailors, Match Racers and any coach working with a big fleet, these bigger boats are particularly helpful.

EnginesRIB with honda outboard


Each of the coach boats is powered by a 50 HP brand new Honda outboard motor. Honda has been chosen due to their fantastic reliability, extensive history, and outstanding technical parameters.

The Honda engines are whisper quiet to enable the coach and sailor to communicate as effectively as possible. The importance of a quiet engine cannot be overemphasized when supporting dinghy sailors.

These engines are 4 strokes, which also creates great fuel economy. Sailors and coaches can focus on improving performance instead of getting excessive amounts of fuel each day. The boats have a properly vented, internal fuel tank as well as an external tank for flexible use. The boats also have in line fuel filters to help protect the system from any water getting into the fuel system.

50 horsepower is the right amount of power to support dinghy sailors. These engines are responsive, light, maneuverable but also powerful enough to tow in light air and keep up in the breeze. The 50 HP engine weighs only 220 lbs (100 kg), or 20% less than competing engines.

Left Hand Throttleleft hand throttle allows coaches to shoot video while driving


Each coach boat is equipped with a left hand throttle so that you can video while driving!this is a special feature for sailing coaches that is not found on a regular charter RIB.



compartments in the bow, starboard side and port side to contain all sorts of equipment, tools, spare parts, sails, water, and food. There are numerous compartments built into the coach boats for storage. There are



The charter RIBs are equipped to the RYA coach boat standard safety requirements to better serve your coaches and dinghy sailors.

What this means to dinghy sailing coaches is that the boats will come equipped with basic safety equipment that can aid the coach and sailor should an emergency

safety gear in all our coach boats

 occur. While Port Tack Charter is pleased to aid increasing the safety standards associated with racing sailboats this does not affect the fundamental responsibility of the sailor and coach to be 100% responsible for their actions and decisions while on or off the water.