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Latest Test of Theatre Style Racing Challenges the Crews Union

Posted on 06/04/12 in Theater Style Racing, 1 Comment

49er Class members practiced their boat handling while testing (yet to be branded) Theater Style Racing ahead of the 2012 Sail for Gold Regatta.  7 crews jumped into the Stadium and not all survived, though good fun was had by all.  The format somewhat mirrors the format by which the 49er class will determine the [...]

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Using ‘Theatre Style’ Racing to Close an Event While Staying True to the Qualifying Series

Posted on 05/13/12 in Theater Style Racing, No Comments

There has been much boat park talk, email discussion, and feedback from the 2012 Worlds Open Forum on the appropriate role of Theatre Style Racing in a regatta.  The goal of having the final race winner win the event and effectively valuing a whole week of racing is a tough balance.  This article looks to [...]

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Commentary about Theater Style Racing from an Initially Reluctant Sailor

Posted on 05/14/11 in Theater Style Racing, No Comments

Here is an article written by current 49er sailor Hunter Lowden.  Hunter himself has admitted being reluctant to change regarding the sailing formats, so it’s interesting to see his progression of thought.  The following is his article. “The need has arisen to make sailing more viewer friendly, or risk being dropped by the IOC from [...]

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Hyeres Test of Theater Style Racing

Posted on 04/16/11 in Theater Style Racing, No Comments

Sorry everyone that we had to cancel the Palma de Mallorca Test…  The lane ropes weren’t ready yet. 49ers are testing a series of progressive racing formats we’re calling ‘Theater Style Racing‘ for now.  The next one is set for a Test on April 21st to be held just ahead of SOF in Hyeres, France. [...]

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Palma Test of Theater Style Racing – First to 10 Points Wins

Posted on 02/23/11 in Theater Style Racing, No Comments

The next test of Theater Style Racing will be in Palma de Mallorca ahead of the Princess Sophia Trophy Regatta on March 31st, 2011. The format of this test will be ‘First to 10 Points Wins’ Key elements: Each race, points are awarded, 3 for First, 2 for Second, 1 for Third Once a team [...]

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Progressive Sailing Formats

Posted on 02/23/11 in Theater Style Racing, No Comments

At Port Tack Charter we want sailing to thrive.  After speaking with many sailors, we know that sailors love the current formats of racing.  They thrive on the combination of strategy, tactics, boatspeed, boat handling, and fleet management.  It has taken years of tinkering with race course formats to arrive at the gated windward leeward [...]

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Testing of Theater Style Racing in 2011

Posted on 02/23/11 in Theater Style Racing, 1 Comment

After 2 successful tests of Theater Style Racing in 2010, the 49ers will continue to test out progressive racing formats in 2011.  Theater Style racing generically refers to short course racing constrained by swim lanes that restrict the width of the race course.  Teams are forced into tighter battles and increase boathandling.  As well, camera [...]

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Updated Theater Style Sailing Instructions

Posted on 09/26/10 in Theater Style Racing, No Comments

Top Level Goals Good and fair competition for all competitors. Fun for athletes and spectators. Challenge the competitors and produce a worthy champion. Simple format for spectators to follow Be easy to produce media – tv / video, tracking, commentary, written, live viewing. Culminate in a Final race in which the winner takes a gold [...]

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Debrief of 1st Test of Theater Style Racing

Posted on 08/05/10 in Theater Style Racing, 1 Comment

Dear Sailors and Sailing Fans, The test of Theater Style  Racing went well on Aug 4th in Weymouth. Two separate tests fleets were run, with 5 races each.   Each series resulted in two 1 on 1 races to determine Bronze and 4th and also to determine Gold and Silver. We have kept the media coverage [...]

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7 of the top 8 in World Ranking signed up for Theater Style Trial

Posted on 07/31/10 in Theater Style Racing, No Comments

Get your entries in for the trial on Aug 4th in Weymouth, UK asap all you 49er sailors!   So far we have 4 of the top 8 in the World Rankings signed up, Manu (FRA), Morgan (FRA), Nathan (AUS), and Allan (DEN). There is still room for more entires. At 6:00 pm on the [...]

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1st Test of Theater Style Racing

Posted on 07/25/10 in Theater Style Racing, 2 Comments

Hi Sailors and Sailing Fans, After the 49er AGM in Poland, the 49er class has spoken clearly that we continue to push the limits of sailing.  The mainsail flags looked fantastic.  The media coverage was comprehensive and progressive, and the racing intense, as always. In response to the 49er sailors consensus, there will be two [...]

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Picturing the Course

Posted on 07/04/10 in Theater Style Racing, No Comments

Hello sailors and sailing fans, Before the big debate at the AGM I wanted to post a couple of diagrams to outline how the class and sailors can be in control of how ‘extreme’ the change needs to be, even within the ‘theater style’ concept. First, lets look at the current course. So without changing [...]

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Results from Racer Survey on ‘Theater Style’ Racing

Posted on 07/01/10 in Theater Style Racing, No Comments

Dear Sailors and Fans, The 49er Class held a survey to ask our 49er sailors, the people directly affected by the ‘Theater Style’ Racing initiative, what they thought. The 5 questions were: 1. Do you think ‘Theatre Style Racing’ would be better for spectators and the media? 2. Would you support a trial of ‘Theatre [...]

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A consensus may be forming

Posted on 06/29/10 in Theater Style Racing, 1 Comment

A consensus may be forming about what to do with the ‘theater style’ racing concept! After a review of many of the survey results, there appears to be a consensus (Consensus: a decision that is supported and can be lived with) forming on how we should go about our approach to ‘theater style’ racing. There [...]

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What is the process for “Theater Style” Racing?

Posted on 06/27/10 in Theater Style Racing, No Comments

A number of competitors have asked for some greater insight into the process we are proposing as a whole.  Have a look at the following and follow up with questions if you have some. The first decision is if we should go ahead to the ‘trial’ stage for ‘theater style’ racing. a)      A trial or [...]

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