Latest Test of Theatre Style Racing Challenges the Crews Union

Posted on 06/04/12 1 Comment

49er Class members practiced their boat handling while testing (yet to be branded) Theater Style Racing ahead of the 2012 Sail for Gold Regatta.  7 crews jumped into the Stadium and not all survived, though good fun was had by all.  The format somewhat mirrors the format by which the 49er class will determine the […]

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Weymouth Weather and Tide

Posted on 06/02/12 No Comments

Just a few pages with some info on Weymouth tide and weather for the Skandia Sail For Gold 2012 Weather. WindGuru BBC XC Weather  The MET Office WindFinder Tide Results To Follow    

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Using ‘Theatre Style’ Racing to Close an Event While Staying True to the Qualifying Series

Posted on 05/13/12 No Comments

There has been much boat park talk, email discussion, and feedback from the 2012 Worlds Open Forum on the appropriate role of Theatre Style Racing in a regatta.  The goal of having the final race winner win the event and effectively valuing a whole week of racing is a tough balance.  This article looks to […]

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Brit 49er Battle for London Epic in So Many Ways

Posted on 04/18/12 1 Comment

With just 100 days until the Olympics in Weymouth, many teams haven’t yet selected who will go to the games.  In a bit departure from previous games, this list includes iconic team GBR, and here’s why. First the history.  The British 49er squad has been a world leader since the 49er came into the Games […]

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Canadian Olympic 49er Battle Heats Up

Posted on 04/15/12 No Comments

PALMA DE MALLORCA, SPAIN – As the 3rd event of the 2012 ISAF Sailing World cup wraps up in sunny Palma de Mallorca, Spain, an interesting battle is emerging between two unlikely parties. Gordon Cook from Toronto has sailed the 49er longer than anyone in Canada and probably the world. Most would describe him as […]

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Coach Boat logistics and Map for the Cadiz 2012 RS:X World Championships

Posted on 03/16/12 1 Comment

In Just under a week the RS:X world championships start in Cadiz.  All of the worlds best windsurfers will be there fighting it out for the top spot and qualification for the London 2012 Olympics  plus the winner will get $45,000 prize fund! Port Tack Charter coach boats will be located in ether collection point 1 or 2 […]

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Coach Boat Logistics and a Map for the Perth 2011 Sailing World Championships

Posted on 11/18/11 No Comments

With the Perth 2011 World Championships upcoming the eyes of all competitive sailors are headed this way.  Coach boats are in the water and some of the competitors and coaches have arrived.  As a guide to Fremantle here is a map of the regatta location. Fueling at this event is a little tricky due to […]

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Commentary about Theater Style Racing from an Initially Reluctant Sailor

Posted on 05/14/11 No Comments

Here is an article written by current 49er sailor Hunter Lowden.  Hunter himself has admitted being reluctant to change regarding the sailing formats, so it’s interesting to see his progression of thought.  The following is his article. “The need has arisen to make sailing more viewer friendly, or risk being dropped by the IOC from […]

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Coach Boat Logistics – the Safe and Scalable Way

Posted on 04/18/11 No Comments

One of the greatest hurdles to overcome when serving the World Cup Sailing Circuit is how to transport boats efficiently around Europe.  Every sailor has stories of the miles they’ve driven through all sorts of conditions to get to regatta locations.  Tales of getting lost in Italian vineyards and historic towns are the highlight… the […]

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Hyeres Test of Theater Style Racing

Posted on 04/16/11 No Comments

Sorry everyone that we had to cancel the Palma de Mallorca Test…  The lane ropes weren’t ready yet. 49ers are testing a series of progressive racing formats we’re calling ‘Theater Style Racing‘ for now.  The next one is set for a Test on April 21st to be held just ahead of SOF in Hyeres, France. […]

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Early Season World Cup Events are Booking Up – SOF – Delta Lloyd – Sail For Gold

Posted on 04/05/11 No Comments

Thanks very much to Tania Calles, @USA49er , and @IsabellaFor2012 for your recent bookings.  Also check out our Sailor Blog Roll for links to all your favorite sailors sites. The season is officially under way.  While we still have some coach boats available they are being booked up fast. For SOF we have 2 coach […]

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Logistics for moving our Coach Boats and covering the World Cup of Sailing

Posted on 03/20/11 No Comments

Preparations are well underway for our first season of full coverage.  Last season we covered Weymouth and Perth, along with some world championships in the UK but did not venture over to Europe in support of the World Cup. 2011 brings us a new scope, new challenges, and new plans.  In order to scale up, […]

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Hyeres: Racing for the Hose and Winning SOF!

Posted on 03/16/11 No Comments

Port Tack Charter is delighted to present a guest blog from Olympic coach Rob Fox, who shares with us today some top tips from Hyeres.  Thanks Rob! One of my favourite memories of Hyeres was shortly after the two Tornado sailors I was coaching at the time – Oskar Johansson and Kevin Stittle – had […]

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First supported event of the year is the RYA south coast training weekend

Posted on 02/27/11 No Comments

The young sailors of the RYA south-west training group are out in force this weekend.  Port Tack Charter are proud to be able to support their brave efforts with the use of one of our coach boats.  Have a look at the newly branded and launched boat here. Props to all the sailors willing and […]

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Isabella Bertold launches into a big new season

Posted on 02/26/11 No Comments

One would normally describe Isabella Bertold as ‘young Isabella Bertold’ but as she’s becoming a veteran of the Olympic Radial scene, that’s probably not appropriate any more. @IsabellaFor2012 has been at or near the top of the Canadian Laser Radial scene now for over five years and is coming into form just at the right […]

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