Coach Boat Logistics and a Map for the Perth 2011 Sailing World Championships

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With the Perth 2011 World Championships upcoming the eyes of all competitive sailors are headed this way.  Coach boats are in the water and some of the competitors and coaches have arrived.  As a guide to Fremantle here is a map of the regatta location.

Perth 2011 sailing and logistics locoations

Fueling at this event is a little tricky due to the size of the endeavor.  To purchase fuel for your coach boat, you will need to open an account with Bailey’s Marine Fuel.  Bailey’s is located within the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour at the low level jetty at end of Molfetta Quay.  Bailey’s has 2x ULP and Diesel.

You will need to visit the Bailey’s Office, open an account (take your credit card/s and details of two bank accounts with you), and complete an online induction process. Fuel can then be purchased, using your Bailey’s swipe card, and the fuel cost will be charged to your credit card the next day. To refuel, we have a Fuel Jetty located within Fremantle Sailing Club.

The event organisers have said under no circumstances may coaches refuel in the marina unless at an official fuel berth.

.         The organizers have a procedure of getting a fuel card to use for refuelling team leaders may want to organise it for their nation but that is up to you.

.         The Freemantle sailing club collector pontoon MUST be clear of all coach boats who do not have a pre-arranged agreement with them by the 21st of November if you don’t then you will incur additional storage charges. (for coaches not arriving until after that date please let us know and we  will sort it)

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