Coach Boat Logistics – the Safe and Scalable Way

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One of the greatest hurdles to overcome when serving the World Cup Sailing Circuit is how to transport boats efficiently around Europe.  Every sailor has stories of the miles they’ve driven through all sorts of conditions to get to regatta locations.  Tales of getting lost in Italian vineyards and historic towns are the highlight… the lowlights are often the overpriced and seedy hotels and truck stops that sprinkle highway systems.

At Port Tack Charter, our coach boat fleet is expanded to 16 boats.  We have a very competent tow vehicle and will continue to drive the circuit in Europe.  To move a fleet of 16 boats though, it takes a very much scaled up solution:

stacked coach boats loaded on a lorry
Above is a fork truck lifting a pair of RIBs into a curtain sider lorry.  Curtain siders are the most common type of truck trailer in Europe and there are competent fleets moving in all directions.  By investing in our cradle system we are able to efficiently supply large quantities of RIBs to any location.  Best of all, it keeps our staff out of their vehicles and leaves most of the driving to the professionals.

Fork Lift loading RIBs in to LorryThe cradle design is a key aspect to the operation.  No only do the cradles need to be stackable, they also must fasten, you can see it’s the top boat that is being lifted here.  As well, they fit perfectly into our flat deck trailer so that any of the cradles are interchangeable and can be moved by our own tow vehicle for shorter trips, changes in plans, or if something goes wrong.

This shot if of the RIBs being loaded for SOF in Hyeres which begins later this week.  Expect to see our fleet across the world cup circuit throughout this summer and beyond.

Truck to tow our coach boats

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