Palma Test of Theater Style Racing – First to 10 Points Wins

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The next test of Theater Style Racing will be in Palma de Mallorca ahead of the Princess Sophia Trophy Regatta on March 31st, 2011.

The format of this test will be ‘First to 10 Points Wins’

Key elements:

  • Each race, points are awarded, 3 for First, 2 for Second, 1 for Third
  • Once a team hits 10 points, they have won the event.  The event continues until a team wins the Silver and another team wins the Bronze, each by getting 10 points
  • 10 boats will be in the fleet.
  • In this test, each team will start with 2 points.  If this were to finish a regatta, the team leading through the fleet racing portion would start with 5 points, second would have 3 points, third – 2 points, fourth – 1 point, all others, 0 points.
  • Optional – Finishing last makes you loose 1 point.  Last place or all teams with OCS, DSQ, DNS or DNF loose 1 point.  If you fall below 0 points you are eliminated from the event.

Key Benefits:

  • Racing decided by fleet racing, not match racing which has been anticlamactic so far.
  • Boats have the ability to influence other boats, leading to exciting scenarios during racing.
  • 10 boats, instead of 8, so that the action is ‘thicker’
  • Multiple ‘final races’ where the excitement should be high as medals would be on the line.
  • The winners must do well in a race to ‘win’ their medal


  • Might take a long time if many teams win races
  • The winner of the final race doesn’t necessarily with Gold, though they would need to be in the top 3.

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